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Risk and Compliance

All organisations operating in South Africa must comply with the laws of the land within which they conduct their business. Our risk and compliance department is dedicated to keeping our clients informed and complaint with national, provincial, local laws, bylaws, rules, regulations, standards and binding as well a non-binding codes.

Risk and Compliance can be defined as the potential exposure for a business to legislative penalties, financial forfeiture and material loss should it fail to act in accordance with industry laws, regulations, internal policies or prescribed best practices.

Our team boasts a vast knowledge set of South Africa’s legal requirements pertaining to the lawful conducting of business and can assist our clients through key advisory in various sectors such as banking and financial markets, occupational health and safety policies, mine safety, temporary employment services, protection of information in terms of POPI, tax laws and other various sectors in order to provide assistance in determine what laws apply to their organisation, whether their organisation is in fact compliant with these laws and the extent of such compliance or non-compliance.

Our experienced commercial department along with our collaborative partners are equipped with the tools and the knowledge to ensure that you and your business are always on the right side of the law.

This program is aimed at experienced consultants working in regulation, compliance and risk who seek greater flexibility in their working arrangements. All applicants undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure they have the relevant knowledge and experience to meet our clients’ needs and so they integrate into our risk consulting practice.

Hunts Attorneys can gladly assist you with implementing new policies and procedures for various aspects of your business. We can train employees on new and existing policies once they have been augmented to comply.

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